Writing Task 2 (Essay) Band 7 Templates and Topic Expansion General Statement (Band 7)

Topic word expansion and general statements

Music : Music is the language of souls. It is a fact that music has no barriers of language. It plays an integral role in our day to day life.
Films : Films are the most popular media for entertainment and it is a best way for refreshment in modern world.
Education : Education is the fundamental right of a child. It leads to an individual progress.
Sport : Sport is utmost essential for the mental as well as the physical development of an individual.
Tourism : Tourism plays a vital role in the progress and earning a revenue for any nation.
Technology : Technology dominates the human life today. It has been inter woven in our routine life.
Population : Population, that which is increasing rapidly, is the most threatening issue the world faces today.
Language : Language is the vehicle for communication. Therefore, an effective and proficient usage of it is very much necessary.
Architecture : Architecture is the face of any culture. It is indeed the reflection of the skills, art, craft, creativity, climate, interest as well as the need of common man.
Culture : Culture is the blend of language, custom, rituals, ceremonies even food habits and also aspects such as music and literature too.
Holidays : Holidays means relaxation from the daily routine and enjoying with family and friends.
Pollution : Pollution, that which is increasing rapidly, is the most threatening issue the world faces today.

1. Problem and Solution Essay

1. Paragraph 1: Introduction
2. Paragraph 2: Causes with example
3. Paragraph 3: Solutions with example
4. Paragraph 5: Conclusion

It has been universally acknowledged that the problem of      (Topic Expansion)      is escalating at an alarming rate in current scenario. This problem has been a depressing magnitude. Although, a pletora of reasons are there, some sensible solutions are also available to curb this grave concern. Both the aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.

Commencing with the causes which are responsible for the growth of it. The first reason is _____________________. Justifying it, ______________. To demonstrate, __________________. The second contributing factor is _____________________. Conclusively, _____________________.

In order to solve this serious issue, some measures can be taken. Firstly, _____________________. Elaborating this, _____________________. In addition to this, _____________________. As a consequence, _____________________.

To recapitulate,      (rephrase the topic using different words)     , due to the reasons such as      (write the summary of causes of problems which you discussed)     . This is a serious problem, and unless      (write the summary of solutions of the problem which you discussed)     . According to me, government and people should come forward to mitigate this complex issue.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Advantage/Disadvantage with example
Paragraph 3: Disadvantage/Advantage with example
Paragraph 4: Conclusion + Your Opinion

There is no denying the fact that phenomenon of      (topic expansion)      is ubiquitous across the globe due to its paramount importance. There are plethora of merits and numerous of demerits are also there. Both benefits and downsides are discussed in ensuing paragraphs.

Initializing with the best possible benefits, the most significant one is, __________________. In simple words, (Elaborate the adv). To illustrate, __________________. Another advantage is, __________________. In other words, __________________. Along with it, __________________. As a result, __________________.

On paradox side, there are many drawbacks as well. First and foremost, __________________. Elaborating this, __________________. For instance, __________________. Secondly, __________________. Consequently, __________________.

To recapitulate, without any doubt, this is a mixed bag. The topic of __________________ has many advantages/disadvantages like __________________ but few disadvantages/advantages are also there such as __________________. I would like to say that      (Your opinion)     .

3. Agree & Disagree Essay

Simple Agree & Disagree

Paragraph 1: Introduction + writer’s position
Paragraph 2: Agree/Disagree 100%
Paragraph 3: Agree/Disagree 100%
Paragraph 4: Conclusion

In the ultra-modern epoch, it is a point of debate that      (Topic Expansion)     . I firmly support to the given statement. The upcoming paragraphs would cast light on my arguments related to very conception.

There are myrid reasons in favour of my argument. The most prominent one is __________________. In simple words, __________________. For instance, __________________. Apart from it, __________________. As a result, __________________.

To add few more reasons, how can one forget about __________________., Elaborate this, __________________. To site an example, __________________. Last but not least, __________________. As a result, __________________.

To recapitulate, I am of the opine that __________________. As there is not any possible argument against the very phenomenon.

Some People Believe that Agree and Disagree

Paragraph 1: Introduction + writer’s position
Paragraph 2: Agree/Disagree 100%
Paragraph 3: Agree/Disagree 100%
Paragraph 4: Disagree/Agree 100% (some people argue that)
Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Although, many people believe that ______________ is good / acceptable / convincing, I think in a reverse manner and agree / disagree to the given statement. My inclination is justified in the following paragraphs.

Out of all the arguments, the strongest one to prove my view is ______________. This is to say ________________. A good example for this is ____________________. Besides this, it is also true that ________________. By this I mean ____________________.

The other reason to prove my point is __________________ because _____________. In addition, the fact that ______________ is also logical.

On the contrary, some people counter claim the mentioned support. The foremost argument they do is ____________________. Also, ___________________.

Thus, to wrap up the discussion, it can be said that despite ____(B3 point)____ and ____(B3 point)___, my reasons that _____(B1 point)____ as well as ____(B2 point)___ are logically acceptable.

To what extent do you Agree and Disagree

Paragraph 1: Introduction + writer’s position
Paragraph 2: Agree/Disagree 80%
Paragraph 3: Agree/Disagree 80%
Paragraph 4: Disagree/Agree 20% (I may not overlook the fact that …)
Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Although, many people believe that ______________. I support / differ to this statement to a large extent for some reasons. My position is argued further with explanation.

Out of all the reasons, the foremost one is ____________. This is due to __________. To add to this, _______________.

Additionally, ____________________. This is because _______________. Moreover, _______________. For instance, ______________.

However, I would not overlook the other side too. To begin with, ________________. Also, ________________________.

Thus, to conclude the discussion, it can be finally said that although / despite the fact / issue of _______________, I believe __________________ is rational.

4. Discuss both the views and give your opinion Essay

Paragraph 1: Intro – state your own opinion
Paragraph 2: reasons or arguments (with example) to support your opinion
Paragraph 3: argument for contrast (with example)
Paragraph 4: conclusion

There are split opinions regarding / about _________(topic)_________. Some believes that ___________________, whereas / while another group of thinkers support __________. However, both has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before commenting on my decision, both the opinion would be discussed.

Examining the former opinion, the primary arguments the supporters would put forward is _________________. This is because ___________________. In addition, they also believe that _____________________. The reason is ____________________.

On the contrary, the latter view suggest that _____________ because ____________. Besides this, ____________________. In fact, __________________.

To conclude and give my opinion, I would say that ___________________ is the most ideal / appropriate way to deal with this situation. In a big picture, this would ____________.

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